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I have no idea about what to get my husband for father's day this year, any ideas that might help?

Cookie Gift Ideas For The Man Of The House

If you have a golf lover in your home, why not send a theme related gift of gourmet cookies in a designer cookie gift tin. There are many adorable golf bag style designer cookie gift tins that can be filled with a variety of gourmet cookies. Most of the designs for the golf bag motif are a masculine designer cookie gift tin that can be used later on his desk or in his office. This type of gift makes a great birthday, father's day or grandparent's day gift or you can send it for no reason at all except to let them know how much you care.

If your man isn't a golf fan, why not shop for the delicious hand-painted sugar cookie gift ideas that include race cars, high tech computer gadgets and sports equipment.

No matter what the man in your life finds enjoyable, there are gourmet cookie baskets available for every type of personality. Take a bit of time to visit a few of the online retail outlets and you may be surprised how many people you suddenly want to send a personalize cookie gift basket, “just because”.

I am looking for a unique idea for my wedding favors but I have run out of idea, do you have any?

Wedding Gourmet Cookie Gifts Are A Big Hit As Wedding Favors

Wedding favor cookies are hand made, hand decorated and then hand wrapped in individual bags for guests to pick up at their leisure.

Many companies will make a specialty cookie cutter of the design the young bride chooses, decorating each of the cookies per the couple's instructions.

These personalized designer gourmet cookies are becoming very popular mainly because they are completely unique to each couple. Many modern brides are taking the time to locate a cookie cutter recipe that is a direct match for the overall theme of the wedding and then ordering cookies that are decorated in the colors of the bridal color scheme.

Another innovative way to identify and thank each guest is to personalize each cookie. If cookies are with a first name of each guest, they can then also be used as a place card for the table settings. This is a wonderful way to take the extra step to let your guests know that you appreciate their being with you on your wedding day.

It is also possible to decorate the centers of the tables by ordering matching gourmet cookie bouquets for each table. These edible centerpieces won't make it through the entire reception but they will certainly remain a strong image in the guests' memories.

My best friend is an artist, I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a unique gift I might send her?

Cookie Play Dough Gift Set Makes A Delightful Gift For A Young Child

This wonderful cookie dough gift set is an ideal gift for a young child that enjoys working with arts and crafts. This play dough cookie gift set contains four sets of 12-ounce tubs of four different colors of sugar cookie dough.

For the child that enjoys creating things with play dough, creating cookies out of sugar cookie dough will be very exciting. The colors included in the set are Jelly Bean Green, Too Blue 4 You, Mellow Mood Yellow and Red All Over.

Now this kit may only appear to contain four colors but actually, with a little bit of creative mixing the young child can recreate the entire color wheel. A simple combination of Two Blue 4 You and a bit of Red All Over and your child can create purple grapes for a cookie fruit platter. The dough colors can be mixed in the same way that other colored items can be combined to create new color combinations, all it takes is a bit of imagination, a little experimentation and the ability to have fun.

Creatively packaged, this cookie dough gift arrives at the recipient's doorstep packed in a similar fashion to the popular children art products that so many adults and children recognize with love, affection and many special memories.

If you have a friend that teaches art, preschool, kindergarten or special education, this is a great gift to recognize the joy and beauty they bring into their student's lives through artful expressions. If you have an associate or personal friend that owns an art gallery or is a professional artist or someone that just dabbles in art for a hobby, this cookie dough is a fun way to send joyful wishes to them.

What are some unique gift ideas that I could send to my children?

Get-well Cookie Baskets

Get-well cookie baskets are filled with quality sugar cookies and are decorated with a frosting that is a delicious choice for any cookie lover. If you are interested in purchasing a gourmet cookie gift basket, it is very easy to locate gourmet cookie gift baskets that focus on hobbies kids enjoy such a sports, music or animals or you could purchase one that focuses on getting better soon. Whichever you style of gourmet cookie basket you choose and for whatever type of reason you choose to send one, a gourmet cookie basket is always a wise choice when shopping for a unique gift for a kid.

Is it appropriate to send a gourmet cookie gift basket as a congratualtions gift?

Gourmet Cookie Gift Baskets Offer Many Innovative Ways To Say, “Congratulations”

There are a million milestones in life. Celebrate them with sweetness.

If a modern couple you know is getting married, an exciting and unique congratulatory gift is the champagne bucket filled with a variety of gourmet cookies. The champagne bucket can be personalized with the names of the bride and groom.

One of the most darling graduation gifts for any high school, college or even kindergarten graduates is the graduation cap cookie tin that is designed to look like a graduation cap complete with the graduation tassel. This adorable packaging filled with gourmet cookies is a wonderful way to show your support and pride for the graduate in your family.

The trophy design for a gourmet cookie gift basket is a wonderful way to convey support and pride in a job well done. This delightful gift can be sent to clients, family members and co-workers any time someone has done a great job.

If you or someone you love enjoys the delicious taste of gourmet cookies, a gourmet cookie gift basket is a great way to let them know how much you care. In completing an online search, it is possible to locate a wide variety of styles and flavors that can be given in a gourmet cookie gift basket.

How can I send a romantic gift to my new girlfriend butnot appear to be coming on too strong?

Romance Is In The Air And So Is The Smell Of A Gourmet Cookie Bouquet

The sending of cookie bouquets is a light-hearted and romantic way to convey the sincerest of emotions. There are many different types of gourmet cookie gift baskets that can express either strong or subtle emotions. The bright colors of the hand-frosted cookies are both pleasing to the heart and the taste buds. The many different online cookie gift delivery companies offer gourmet cookie gift baskets that have a celebratory feeling or a sincere declaration of love. While it is possible to send a gourmet cookie basket for a birthday, anniversary or promotion is a great idea but sending one “just because” you are glad you met her, which is where the powerful message really comes from.

With prices that range from $25-$100, there is virtually any type of gourmet cookie gift basket to choose from. There are so many delightful styles, creative expressions and romantic visions of love and affection wrapped up in a gourmet cookie gift basket, sent to the one you love.

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