Sugar Cookie Christmas Fun

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How Can I Create A Fun Family Tradition For The Holidays?

Sugar Cookie Christmas Fun

When hosting a Christmas cookie decorating party with children, always pre-bake a dozen or more sugar cookies per child. Pre-making sugar cookies, prior to the children's arrival, will insure that there are many different cookies to decorate.

Once the children arrive, work together to mix a double batch of sugar cookie dough and place it into the refrigerator to chill. While the sugar cookie dough is chilling, bring out a pre-made batch of dough for the children to roll out and cut shapes with cookie cutters. Have another cookie sheet filled with pre-cut cookies for the children to decorate. Make sure that the cookie decorating table has many different colored frostings and icings, sugars, sprinkles and other candy toppings.

Provide frosting tips and different tools designed to create textures and shapes on decorated cookies; children love to use these tools to create their decorated sugar cookies.

Children are very proud of the sugar cookies that they make. Encourage them to create fun and exciting images, utilizing their artistic freedom to create original masterpieces.

While children enjoy the process of mixing and baking cookies, the time spent waiting for the cookies to bake can become tedious. Providing pre-made cookies and cookie decorating supplies and ideas will encourage the children to create a variety of Christmas sugar cookies with frosting and candy as the other batches are cooking.



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