Holiday Cookie Decorations to Make at Home with Kids

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Is it possible to make homemade cookie decorations?

Holiday Cookie Decorations to Make at Home with Kids

Children absolutely enjoy the creative process of decorating Christmas sugar cookies. It is possible to enhance the overall excitement by teaching the children how to create their own decorations.

Creating tinted coconut provides colorful accents to cookie recipes. The process is easy to do and can be done by children. Explain to the children that they need only add a few drops of food coloring into a jar containing the coconut. If possible, provide a variety of jars filled with coconut so that the children can create a variety of color choices. Allow the children to use the standard colors or mix them to create their own variation. This will encourage creative expression and a bit of scientific discovery.

Colored sugars are another popular addition to sugar cookies. Teaching your children how to make homemade decorating sugar is a fun and exciting thing to do that will enhance the overall baking experience.

Making your own colored sugars requires only three things per color: a jar with a tight fitting lid, 1 cup of sugar and 2 drops (or more depending on desired color) of any liquid food color. Put the sugar into a specific jar, using a different jar for each color; make sure that the lid fits very tightly. Drop the desired amount of food coloring into the jar, close the lid and shake repeatedly for about one minute. After you are done shaking the sugar, if the color is not what you wanted, repeat the process until you have the desired hue.



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