Decorating Sugar Cookies with Melted Chocolate

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How do I use the chocolate once I have melted it?

Decorating Sugar Cookies with Melted Chocolate

There are two popular sugar cookie decorating methods using melted chocolate.

A popular and easy method for melted chocolate is to dip each of the sugar cookies into the melted chocolate. It is acceptable to dip half the cookie, the whole cookie or any amount of the cookie that you prefer to have covered. After dipping the cookie into the melted chocolate, place on a wire rack, allowing the chocolate to harden. You can add sprinkles, colored sugar or nuts to the chocolate portion of the cookie at this time.

The second method is to drizzle chocolate on sugar cookies. This method can be very elegant for a formal event. However, it can also be a lot of fun if you let the children drizzle chocolate on sugar cookies. While you can use the more expensive cookie decorating bags and tips, it is just as easy to use a plastic sandwich bag with a tiny cut in the lower corner of the bag. It is important to make a very small cut so the chocolate doesn't create a mess.



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