Family Heirlooms Shared In A Cookbook Filled With Love And History

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What would be a creative and exciting family heirloom gift for my family members?

Family Heirlooms Shared In A Cookbook Filled With Love And History

One of the greatest heirlooms handed down from generation to generation is a favorite homemade cookie recipe. The history and sharing of popular recipes was once a very celebrated thing in the American culture, with baking and cooking considered highly prized skills. In today's world, people are moving back to the concept of a home cooked meal and family dinner hour.

A fun holiday gift would be to gather recipes from everyone in the family and create a homemade family heirloom cookbook.

To begin the project, ask family members for recipes to include in the book. For the previous generations that have passed away, look to older family members for memories of favorite foods, recipes and other memorabilia that might complement your overall vision and final book.

Creating a family cookbook is a great way to highlight your personal family history and to recognize the skills and talents of other members within your family heritage. In addition to the recipes, include old family photographs from other generations, as well as newer pictures of the family today. This photo collage as an accompaniment to the recipes is a wonderful way to preserve the history of your family.

As you begin your creative process, you may discover many more things about your family than you ever imagined and enjoy the journey to discovery almost as much as the journey of creating the heirloom family cookbook.



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