Can't Find The Perfect Cookie Cutter? Make It!

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I cannot a cookie cutter in the shape I want, is it possible to make my own?

Can't Find The Perfect Cookie Cutter? Make It!

Can't find the perfect cookie cutter? Don't despair -- just make one! It is very simple to make your own homemade cookie cutter. A visit to the local hardware store will provide a roll of aluminum flashing. The heavier gauge that you buy, the stronger the cookie cutter will be when completed.

Ideally, you will have a picture of the shape you want your cookie cutter to be in. If you don't, try to download a picture off of the Internet or find it inside a book so that you can photocopy it. This picture is fundamental to the successful completion of your homemade cookie cutter. Other supplies you will need are tin snips, a knife, a ruler, twine, small clips and an adhesive.

Lay the photograph on the table and trace the outline of the picture with the twine. Make sure that the twine follows all the twists and turns of the image on the photograph. When you have completed tracing the shape cut the twine. Allow one inch of excess on the twine to insure that you have enough aluminum flashing.

Use the twine to measure the correct amount of the aluminum flashing that you will need to create your homemade cookie cutter. With the tin snips, cut the aluminum flashing to the proper length. Using your ruler, measure aluminum flashing to the width that you want your cookie cutter to be. Cut the flashing to the proper width. Use the straight edge of the ruler to assist in making a straight cut.

Place the aluminum flashing on top of the photo and begin to bend the flashing around the curves of the photo. When you have completely outlined your photograph with the aluminum flashing, place a small amount of adhesive to the two ends of the cutter. Overlap the two ends at least one inch. Put a clip on each side of the aluminum flashing and allow to cookie cutter to dry.

Always remember to wash your cookie cutter before use.



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