Preparing For The Holidays - Store Cookie Dough

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Is it possible to store cookie dough? If so, how is it done?

Preparing For The Holidays - Store Cookie Dough

The holidays approach at a rapid pace, seemingly gaining speed once the chill of autumn is in the air. The days between Halloween and Christmas give little time for relaxation. There is the rush of holiday parties, holiday shopping, holiday dinners and holiday desserts. The time-honored tradition of homemade holiday cookies is one family tradition that cannot be replaced.

The family cookie-chef holds high esteem when friends and family gather around the Christmas tree to enjoy eggnog and holiday delights. With such an important task during such a busy time of year, it is valuable to learn a few secret tricks about how to store cookie dough in an effort make your holiday baking a bit easier.

Almost all cookie dough can be made ahead of time and refrigerated for 2-3 days. It is very important that prior to storing the cookie dough, it be well wrapped in plastic wrap.

It is possible to prepare for holiday baking up to three months in advance, if care is taken when storing the cookie dough. Cookie dough can be stored for three months in the freezer. When freezing, it is best to store in an airtight container marked with the name of the cookie dough and the date.

Knowing how to store cookie dough is very beneficial for someone who enjoys making many different kinds of cookies for the holidays. However, taking this knowledge one step further can simplify things even more. Storing the cookie dough shaped and ready to bake can make holiday preparations that much easier.

While making sugar cookie dough, use cookie cutters to cut different shapes. Place the cookies on parchment paper lined baking sheets, cover with plastic wrap and put into the freezer. Once frozen, remove from the freezer and wrap shapes securely with plastic wrap. Placing the wrapped cookies in an airtight container will prevent damage while stored in the freezer.

With chocolate chip and other drop cookies, place cookie dough balls on parchment lined baking sheets, cover with plastic wrap and freeze. Remove from freezer when the cookie dough balls are frozen. Store in a heavy weight freezer bag or airtight container.



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