Chocolate Brownies Make A Great Corporate Gift For Any Office

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What is a popular gift basket that would please almost everyone in a corporate office?

Chocolate Brownies Make A Great Corporate Gift For Any Office

Ordering a 12-piece assorted chocolate brownie gift basket is a wonderful way to say thanks to anyone who has every offered you assistance or made your life a little bit easier. For a small price, you can order a specialty brownie gift basket filled with a variety of chocolate brownies from David's Cookies.

Freshly baked brownies in a variety of flavors such as chocolate chip, pecan, peanut butter swirl, Blondie, cheesecake, Rocky Road and Macaroon are delicious and make a perfect way to say “thanks”. The traditional Chocolate Chip Brownie is a delicious combination of pure melted chocolate and sweet chocolate chips. The Pecan Brownie is the combined tastes of a chocolate chip brownie and buttery toasted pecans. The Peanut Butter Swirl Brownie is a delightful combination of chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, peanut butter and cream cheese frosting. The southern favorite, the Blondie, is a mix of brown sugar, coconut, molasses, creamy butter, walnuts and pecans. While the cheesecake sounds delicious just by the nature of it's name, David's has taken it one step further by combining the sweet tastes of cheesecake and the fudge brown to make an absolutely decadent treat. The Rocky Road is everything the title states, a brownie filled with black walnuts, peanut butter chips and a sweet chocolate swirl on top. The newest addition to the brownie family at David's Cookies is the Macaroon; a classic brownie covered in toasted coconut and drizzled chocolate.

No matter how you create your chocolate brownie gift basket, it is certain to please everyone in the room; treats as delicious as these are the best way to send a sincere “Thank You”.



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