A Cookie Platter Is Best When Filled With A Variety Of Tasty Cookie Recipes

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What is the best way to prepare and present a holiday cookie platter?

A Cookie Platter Is Best When Filled With A Variety Of Tasty Cookie Recipes

Adding a few new cookie recipes every year is a great way to learn new baking skills, expand your families taste in cookies and explore different types of cookie recipes.

One great way to create a visually pleasing cookie platter is to think in terms of shape. Presentation is key in every element of life, down to the simplest of details; this is equally important when creating a cookie platter for an important family event.

Begin by imagining the base level of the cookie platter, choosing dense cookie recipes, which will hold up best once they have additional cookies stacked upon them. It is generally a good idea to place bar cookies, brownies and other heavier styles of cookie recipes in this location on the cookie platter.

The next layer can be compiled of snicker doodles, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies and other cookie recipes that are as strong as the bar cookie and do not have any decorations to damage. It is also possible to build two layers on the base of your cookie platter combining both the bar cookies and the denser drop cookie recipes within each layer.

The top layer should include the decorated sugar cookies, thumbprints and gingerbread men. These are not very heavy and will not do damage to the lower levels of cookies.

The empty spaces between the top layer of cookies can be filled with homemade truffles and fudge. Placing these smaller cookies in this location will protect their delicate shapes, provide a “seat” in which the cookies can nestle and will prevent them from rolling or falling off of the cookie platter.



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