As A Cookie Jar Collector, Make Sure You Have A Goal

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What is the best way to prepare for my new hobby as a cookie jar collector?

As A Cookie Jar Collector, Make Sure You Have A Goal

Many cookie jar collectors begin their hobby with one cookie jar that brings about treasured memories from their childhood. This single collectible cookie jar is found at a tag sale or antique store and is purchased initially for the strong emotional response it invoked.

If you enjoy collecting, or are just starting, it is important to identify a goal or focus for your cookie jar collection immediately. Having a focus is valuable because it helps to prevent overspending or buying unwanted pieces.

If you are going to begin collecting cookie jars, it would be wise to purchase three to five detailed cookie jar and pottery resource books. Informational research materials will help the collector identify different options, offer resale value information, copyright warnings and will provide enough detailed information to prevent any unwanted mistakes.



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