How to Succeed When Buying Online and In-Person

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Which is the best way to shop for antique cookie jars, online or in person?

How to Succeed When Buying Online and In-Person

Online auctions offer low prices but do not allow the consumer to physically touch the antique or vintage cookie jar. When buying items in which the integrity of the collectible is the basis of the purchase, nothing can replace holding the cookie jar, feeling the shape, the interior of the jar and seeing the quality of the paint and finish work. It is important to be an educated shopper. Go out into the antique stores and retail markets to shop the market; touch, hold, examine the actual collectible cookie jars to determine what you like and dislike about the specific brands. This is something you want to do when you are not intending to purchase a collectible, almost like research, so that you are better prepared the next time you discover a “must have” collectible cookie jar online or in a retail outlet.



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