Warning Signs When Buying Authentic Cookie Jars Online

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What are some quality tools I might use as I begin to collect antique and vintage cookie jars?

Warning Signs When Buying Authentic Cookie Jars Online

If you are new to cookie jar collecting, it is wise to research your hobby in depth prior to making any expensive purchases. If you have decided to go at it alone, there are many different “red flags” that you should watch for as you begin shopping. These are key phrases, ideas or practices that many people shopping online have encountered, often at a huge expense. If nothing else, try to learn from those that have collected before you:

  • If the seller of the auction does not allow for refunds it could be a sign that they are knowingly selling a fake or reproduction. While it is perfectly okay to purchase a reproduction for your collection, you want to ensure that you are paying an appropriate price for the product, not an amount that would be charged for an original.
  • Look at the business transactions that have occurred before you. Feedback is available in most auction settings and is absolutely a true indicator of what type of businessperson you are dealing with.
  • Look at the item description, taking special note of its history. It seems like everyone finds these “antique or vintage” cookie jars in the home of an elderly relative, stored away from view for many years just recently discovered by this one person who is now selling the family heirloom on the Internet. Be aware. While this story has its possibilities, it is far too common and is often the selling point of a fraudulent vintage cookie jar.
While there are many good deals to be found online, it is important to note that the collectible cookie jar cannot be examined closely for chips or cracks, it isn't possible to see the exact painting coverage or the wear and tear from use. These factors are very important as you begin to collect your cookie jars, as they affect the resale value of your collection should you ever decide to sell your cookie jars.



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