Learn The Secrets To Collectible Cookie Jar Shopping Before You Buy

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Are there secrets to becoming a successful cookie jar collector?

Learn The Secrets To Collectible Cookie Jar Shopping Before You Buy

Any collector will tell you that shopping for antiques, vintage treasures and other collectibles is generally motivated from the heart rather than the wallet. Unfortunately, in the market of high sales and low investment, there are far too many people that will make an extra buck trying to cheat another person.

As you begin to collect the antique and vintage collectible cookie jars, it is imperative that you take the time to understand exactly what type of purchases you are making. Buying a reproduction to add to your personal collections is perfectly okay as long as you are doing so with the correct knowledge and not paying top dollar for what you believe to be an original. It is important that the collectible cookie jar be marked as a replica or reproduction so that someday down the line there isn't any false advertising or misrepresentation in a later effort to sell the cookie jar.

As you begin to visit estate sales, antique shows, antique and vintage collectible stores, make sure to closely examine the cookie jars as you shop. It is important to note that cracks, chips and paint loss are all reasons for a decrease in value and could limit your ability to resell the item. If you are considering buying a badly damaged item, make sure that you have closed reviewed its estimated value in a reputable resource manual to insure that it will be worth the expense and effort in having it restored.



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