Rugelach: A Gourmet Cookie That Celebrates Jewish Traditions

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What is Rugelach and how is it made?

Rugelach: A Gourmet Cookie That Celebrates Jewish Traditions

Rugelach is a traditional Jewish pastry. This cookie is made of sheets of pastry dough rolled around ingredients such as jam, chopped nuts, fruit, cinnamon or chocolate. The word Rugelach actually means “little twists” in Yiddish. Originally the dough was made with yeast but years later American Jews created a cream cheese recipe.

While it is often still made using the cream cheese recipe, it is more typically made without any dairy ingredients, called pareve. When made without any dairy, according to Jewish customs, it can be eaten with or after a meat meal. It is not uncommon to have cut dried fruits, marzipan and raisins rolled inside the dough as well. These sweet treats are very popular with the Jewish culture and due to their wonderful flavor; many non-Jewish people enjoy them just as much.

Rugelach is a very popular item when shopping for online cookies. It is important to read the detailed description of how the cookies are made to insure that you get the correct version, either with cream cheese or without. When ordering Rugelach online, there are many different options, such as a specialty order designed for breakfast for two, a one-pound tin or a two-pound tin. Sending this kosher Jewish pastry a friend of the Jewish faith is a wonderful way to recognize and respect their religious beliefs and customs while still sending a sweet treat to show them how much their friendship means to you.

If you have Jewish clients and you want to recognize and important day, sending a gift box of Rugelach is a wonderful way to express your sincere support and friendship.



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