The English Scone Meets The American Taste Buds

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What are scones and where could I purchase a quality sample package?

The English Scone Meets The American Taste Buds

The scone originated in Britain and is a small quickbread biscuit made of wheat, barley or oatmeal. It is often lightly sweetened with sugar or the addition of fruits and other additions. While the American scone is very popular, it does have a few differences from the European style scone; the scones of the United States are generally larger, drier and sweeter than the European counterparts.

Scones in Europe and America are generally served with honey, jam or clotted cream. Scones are very popular for breakfast and quick snack during break. The increased popularity of scones over the recent years has increased their availability through online gourmet cookie companies. This is a major achievement for those that enjoy the taste of fresh scones but lack the time necessary to make them.

Online gourmet cookie companies like David's Cookies, offers a variety of scones at a very reasonable price. Their 18-piece scone sampler is delivered in a personalized tin and contains three different varieties of six scones each. Made of all natural ingredients, each selection is moist, rich and buttery. There are six cranberry mini scones, six butterscotch pecan mini scones and six chocolate chip mini scones. Each of the scones are made with only the finest ingredients including pure heavy cream and butter as well as the highest quality flavor enhancers for each variety of scone.

The scone sampler is a wonderful gift for any client or family member. It is inexpensive to purchase and is shipped when you order. The scones arrive fresh and ready to enjoy. With a gift of this quality, it is impossible to go wrong.



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