Adorable Halloween Ghosts Are Quick And Easy To Make For Harvest Parties

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I need a quick and easy recipe for my child's school harvest party, any ideas?

Adorable Halloween Ghosts Are Quick And Easy To Make For Harvest Parties

If you are looking for a fun Halloween cookie to make for the holiday, these quick haunted ghost cookies are a delicious snack, enjoyed by children and adults alike. Before you begin, lay out long sheets of wax paper to lie the candy coated cookies upon once they have been removed from the double boiler.

The ingredients for this simple Halloween cookie recipe includes:

1 pound of white candy coating, cut into chunks.

1 package, a one pound size of the Nutter Butter brand peanut butter cookies

1 bag of mini semisweet chocolate chips

You will need a double broiler or a stainless steel bowl over a saucepan filled with water. The water should be simmering when you add the white candy coating to the bowl. Do not boil the water as it might splash into the candy coating and compromise the quality of the candy. Stir the candy coating as it melts to prevent burning.

Dip the whole cookie into the candy coating and then gently remove from the candy, allowing it to drip the excess back into the bowl. Set on the wax paper to cool.

When you have covered all of the cookies with the candy coating, use a pastry brush to add coating on any bare spots on each of the cookies.

While the cookies are still warm, place two of the mini semisweet chocolate chips on each cookie for eyes. This recipe will yield about three dozen cookies.



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