Cookie Play Dough Gift Set Makes A Delightful Gift For A Young Child

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My best friend is an artist, I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a unique gift I might send her?

Cookie Play Dough Gift Set Makes A Delightful Gift For A Young Child

This wonderful cookie dough gift set is an ideal gift for a young child that enjoys working with arts and crafts. This play dough cookie gift set contains four sets of 12-ounce tubs of four different colors of sugar cookie dough.

For the child that enjoys creating things with play dough, creating cookies out of sugar cookie dough will be very exciting. The colors included in the set are Jelly Bean Green, Too Blue 4 You, Mellow Mood Yellow and Red All Over.

Now this kit may only appear to contain four colors but actually, with a little bit of creative mixing the young child can recreate the entire color wheel. A simple combination of Two Blue 4 You and a bit of Red All Over and your child can create purple grapes for a cookie fruit platter. The dough colors can be mixed in the same way that other colored items can be combined to create new color combinations, all it takes is a bit of imagination, a little experimentation and the ability to have fun.

Creatively packaged, this cookie dough gift arrives at the recipient's doorstep packed in a similar fashion to the popular children art products that so many adults and children recognize with love, affection and many special memories.

If you have a friend that teaches art, preschool, kindergarten or special education, this is a great gift to recognize the joy and beauty they bring into their student's lives through artful expressions. If you have an associate or personal friend that owns an art gallery or is a professional artist or someone that just dabbles in art for a hobby, this cookie dough is a fun way to send joyful wishes to them.



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