Wedding Gourmet Cookie Gifts Are A Big Hit As Wedding Favors

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I am looking for a unique idea for my wedding favors but I have run out of idea, do you have any?

Wedding Gourmet Cookie Gifts Are A Big Hit As Wedding Favors

Wedding favor cookies are hand made, hand decorated and then hand wrapped in individual bags for guests to pick up at their leisure.

Many companies will make a specialty cookie cutter of the design the young bride chooses, decorating each of the cookies per the couple's instructions.

These personalized designer gourmet cookies are becoming very popular mainly because they are completely unique to each couple. Many modern brides are taking the time to locate a cookie cutter recipe that is a direct match for the overall theme of the wedding and then ordering cookies that are decorated in the colors of the bridal color scheme.

Another innovative way to identify and thank each guest is to personalize each cookie. If cookies are with a first name of each guest, they can then also be used as a place card for the table settings. This is a wonderful way to take the extra step to let your guests know that you appreciate their being with you on your wedding day.

It is also possible to decorate the centers of the tables by ordering matching gourmet cookie bouquets for each table. These edible centerpieces won't make it through the entire reception but they will certainly remain a strong image in the guests' memories.



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