Create Your Own Monogram Cookie Jar

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How do I make a monogram cookie jar?

Create Your Own Monogram Cookie Jar

Creating your own monogram cookie jar is such a simple project! Purchase a clear glass canister with lid at a local retailer. (Walmart and Target usually carry them for $5-$10.) Find a monogram stencil in a font design of your choice. The lettering should be at least three to four inches tall. Many scrapbook aisles of craft stores offer these, or you can create your own via your computer.

Place a sheet of scrapbook paper print side down. Trace the monogram stencil backwards on the non-print side of the paper. Cut out the design using scissors.

Apply a bit of Mod Podge or other adhesive to the non-print side of the paper with a sponge brush. Immediately, adhere the lettering to the side of the clear glass canister. Smooth away any bubbles under the paper with your fingertips. Add additional adhesive over the design with the sponge brush to seal it.

Dry overnight before enjoying your new cookie jar!



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