Traditional Christmas Sugar Cookie Decorating Party

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How Would I Best Prepare For a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party?

Traditional Christmas Sugar Cookie Decorating Party

Sugar cooking decorating is a fun holiday tradition for children and adults alike. If you have a large family, with many children, hosting a Christmas cooking decorating party is a great way to start the holiday season and build a holiday tradition that the children will always remember.

The best time to host a Christmas decorating party is during the first part of December. Hosting a cookie decorating party at this time of the holiday season not only allows for minimal conflict with other holiday parties, but it provides a homemade plateful of cookies for the children to enjoy with their families.

As the host, it is ideal if you prepare a number of different cookies before the date of the actual event. Baking many different batches of Christmas cookies can take considerable time and often consumes more than one day in the planning, preparation and baking stages. It is also a great idea to have sugar cookies made ahead of time for the children to decorate while waiting for other cookies to bake. Taking the time, prior to the party, to create an array of cookies will give you something to serve as a snack during the party and will increase the number of choices the children have to take home for the holidays.

When hosting a holiday decorating party, you are not only making cookies, but also creating holiday memories.



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