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Why is it important to purchase a resource and reference manual on cookie jar collectin?

A Collectible Cookie Jar Resource Manual

Investing in any type of collectible hobby is often an expensive venture. Collectible cookie jars are a very popular market for buyers and sellers alike; the opportunity for sellers to market their collectible cookie jars in a dishonest manner is unfortunately very high. While experienced cookie jar collectors have learned through research and personal error how to recognize a fake, new collectors often fall prey to the tricks of the trade. Consider purchasing a collectible cookie jar resource manual. The money you save by becoming a knowledgeable consumer will most likely pay for the book many times over.

Are there secrets to becoming a successful cookie jar collector?

Learn The Secrets To Collectible Cookie Jar Shopping Before You Buy

Any collector will tell you that shopping for antiques, vintage treasures and other collectibles is generally motivated from the heart rather than the wallet. Unfortunately, in the market of high sales and low investment, there are far too many people that will make an extra buck trying to cheat another person.

As you begin to collect the antique and vintage collectible cookie jars, it is imperative that you take the time to understand exactly what type of purchases you are making. Buying a reproduction to add to your personal collections is perfectly okay as long as you are doing so with the correct knowledge and not paying top dollar for what you believe to be an original. It is important that the collectible cookie jar be marked as a replica or reproduction so that someday down the line there isn't any false advertising or misrepresentation in a later effort to sell the cookie jar.

As you begin to visit estate sales, antique shows, antique and vintage collectible stores, make sure to closely examine the cookie jars as you shop. It is important to note that cracks, chips and paint loss are all reasons for a decrease in value and could limit your ability to resell the item. If you are considering buying a badly damaged item, make sure that you have closed reviewed its estimated value in a reputable resource manual to insure that it will be worth the expense and effort in having it restored.

What are some quality tools I might use as I begin to collect antique and vintage cookie jars?

Warning Signs When Buying Authentic Cookie Jars Online

If you are new to cookie jar collecting, it is wise to research your hobby in depth prior to making any expensive purchases. If you have decided to go at it alone, there are many different “red flags” that you should watch for as you begin shopping. These are key phrases, ideas or practices that many people shopping online have encountered, often at a huge expense. If nothing else, try to learn from those that have collected before you:

  • If the seller of the auction does not allow for refunds it could be a sign that they are knowingly selling a fake or reproduction. While it is perfectly okay to purchase a reproduction for your collection, you want to ensure that you are paying an appropriate price for the product, not an amount that would be charged for an original.
  • Look at the business transactions that have occurred before you. Feedback is available in most auction settings and is absolutely a true indicator of what type of businessperson you are dealing with.
  • Look at the item description, taking special note of its history. It seems like everyone finds these “antique or vintage” cookie jars in the home of an elderly relative, stored away from view for many years just recently discovered by this one person who is now selling the family heirloom on the Internet. Be aware. While this story has its possibilities, it is far too common and is often the selling point of a fraudulent vintage cookie jar.
While there are many good deals to be found online, it is important to note that the collectible cookie jar cannot be examined closely for chips or cracks, it isn't possible to see the exact painting coverage or the wear and tear from use. These factors are very important as you begin to collect your cookie jars, as they affect the resale value of your collection should you ever decide to sell your cookie jars.

Which is the best way to shop for antique cookie jars, online or in person?

How to Succeed When Buying Online and In-Person

Online auctions offer low prices but do not allow the consumer to physically touch the antique or vintage cookie jar. When buying items in which the integrity of the collectible is the basis of the purchase, nothing can replace holding the cookie jar, feeling the shape, the interior of the jar and seeing the quality of the paint and finish work. It is important to be an educated shopper. Go out into the antique stores and retail markets to shop the market; touch, hold, examine the actual collectible cookie jars to determine what you like and dislike about the specific brands. This is something you want to do when you are not intending to purchase a collectible, almost like research, so that you are better prepared the next time you discover a “must have” collectible cookie jar online or in a retail outlet.

How might I find a unique cookie jar gift for my friend that is a cookie jar collector?

Gift Shopping For The Cookie Jar Collector

If you have a cookie jar aficionado in your life, why not purchase a seasonal holiday cookie jar for your friend.

Snowman cookie jars are a fun gift to get for anyone that is interested in collectible cookie jars. Another holiday favorite is the Christmas cookie jar. Order the holiday or snowman cookie jar filled with holiday Christmas cookies.

Animal shaped cookie jars make a fun birthday gift for the cookie jar collector. Popular images such as bear cookie jars, pig cookie jars, frog cookie jars, mouse cookie jars and rooster cookie jars are very populart.

These specialty cookie jars can be ordered from specialty cookie retail outlets, arriving at the collector's home filled with specialty cookies. There are so many different cookie jars available in the retail and online cookie markets, purchasing the perfect match for your friend will make the best gift.

What is the best way to succeed as a cookie jar collector?

Education Is Key To A Hobby As A Collector

Cookie jar collecting is big business; financial expenses related to buying collectable cookie jars can often exceed thousands of dollars. When you consider the numbers of dollars that are exchanged through the purchases and sales of cookie jars, it is important to be an educated shopper. Prior to making any purchase, make sure that you are knowledgeable about fakes and reproductions. Buying an antique or vintage cookie jar can be an expensive purchase, it is important to insure that the cookie jar is authentic prior to purchase. While collecting cookie jars is often an expensive venture and your purchases can increase in their long-term value, it isn't a hobby that is going to make you rich.

Regardless of your financial intentions as a collectible cookie jar owner, it is always best to be an educated shopper so that you get the most for your money and make sure you don't ripped off by someone selling frauds or fake antique cookie jars.

How do I make a monogram cookie jar?

Create Your Own Monogram Cookie Jar

Creating your own monogram cookie jar is such a simple project! Purchase a clear glass canister with lid at a local retailer. (Walmart and Target usually carry them for $5-$10.) Find a monogram stencil in a font design of your choice. The lettering should be at least three to four inches tall. Many scrapbook aisles of craft stores offer these, or you can create your own via your computer.

Place a sheet of scrapbook paper print side down. Trace the monogram stencil backwards on the non-print side of the paper. Cut out the design using scissors.

Apply a bit of Mod Podge or other adhesive to the non-print side of the paper with a sponge brush. Immediately, adhere the lettering to the side of the clear glass canister. Smooth away any bubbles under the paper with your fingertips. Add additional adhesive over the design with the sponge brush to seal it.

Dry overnight before enjoying your new cookie jar!

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