Corporate Gift Ideas Express Gratitude In A Tasty Fashion

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I am interested in sending my clients corporate cookie baskets but I don't really know what is best to send?

Corporate Gift Ideas Express Gratitude In A Tasty Fashion

Sending a corporate cookie gift is a wonderful way to say “thank you” to a customer or valued client. Cookie gifts are a unique way to share your goodwill and gratefulness with the company or office that has specifically assisted you and your business.

A cookie gift basket from David's Cookies contains many different sweet treats that will satisfy all tastebuds. Some sample baskets are:

  • The Grande cookie basket includes a one-pound tin of baked cookies, a one-pound tin of ruggalach, a 14-ounce carton of Florentine lace (approximately 24 cookies), and a 14-ounce carton of Butter Pecan Meltaways (approximately 16 cookies). In addition, David's Cookies included a pair of 11-ounce coffee mugs to compliment the set.
  • The Deluxe Gift basket is similar to the Grande with the addition of another dozen of cookies.
  • The Goliath Gift basket is the largest cookie basket available. It comes with the same basic items as the Deluxe basket, but adds another dozen cookies, an additional pound of the Ruggalach, and a 12-piece brownie and crumb cake assortment.
David's Cookies, an online cookie retail outlet, specializes in corporate cookie baskets. If you order your gourmet cookie basket by 10a.m. EST, David's Cookies guarantees same day shipping.



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